Overview of Academics

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Stonecreek has a clearly articulated mission to provide an outstanding toddler – 12th grade curriculum that allows children to explore and learn in a safe environment that challenges them to grow to their potential. We encourage students’ passions and interests while simultaneously seeking to broaden them. Our learning program offers students the lifelong learning interests and skills that enable them to be successful at Stonecreek, as well as in their educational and professional pursuits in the future.

Nurturing minds  ~  Fostering compassion  ~  Inspiring integrity

Our curriculum continues to develop through research and development that is based on the following premises:

  • Curriculum development process is ongoing and forward looking.
  • Primary evidence of an effective curriculum will be student-learning evidence.
  • Transfer is the primary learning goal of the Stonecreek curriculum.
  • Stonecreek uses backwards planning when developing units of study.

In line with the Montessori philosophy, we believe strongly in the importance of multiple age classrooms. Our programs are broken down into our Toddler classroom (age 18 months – 3.5), preschool (ages 3 – 6), elementary (1st – 5th grade), middle school (6th – 8th grade), and high school (grades 9 -12).

Research shows that employers today believe that graduates are highly informed, and if told what to do are excellent workers. However, new graduates often do not know what to do in less clear circumstances. Thus, employers seek lifelong learners who can create and adapt with today’s changing environment. Stonecreek prepares students for this by engaging them in individual and small group classes and implicitly in collaborative interdisciplinary group projects. Our primary evidence that this approach works, outside employers and cognitive research, is that standardized tests, while not our focus, show Stonecreek students continue to advance at nearly two grade levels per academic year.

In addition to taking the core academic classes of math, science, social science, and English, as well as a foreign language, students will also have the option of taking many classes of their choosing in a variety of subject areas including the arts, philosophy, music, technology, foreign language, entrepreneurship, engineering, shop classes and more.  Because we will utilize our full time teachers, local experts and institutions, and online resources, we are able to custom design each student’s classes to allow them to dive deep into topics that interest them and expose them to many areas of study. By the time a student graduates they will be well prepared for college and beyond.

Stonecreek is currently accepting applications for all grades through Grade 12, although openings in several grade levels are almost gone, so apply soon.  If the grade is full, join our waiting list and you will be notified as soon as a position in the class becomes available.