With guidance in skill applications, Stonecreek Montessori Academy’s budding artists are encouraged to explore, use their imaginations, and discover their own unique ways as they journey on their path to becoming the problem-solvers, creators, and innovators of the future. Stonecreek students have had their work displayed at the Birmingham Museum of Art and as part of the Magic City Art Festival.



Through the foundation of the Elements of Art and Principles of Designs, our art lessons build through grade levels.

We examine thematic works of famous artists, various forms of expression, different cultures, and our natural surroundings as we explore opportunities for direction to each child’s avenue for creative expression.



We use a variety of mediums, including: Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink, Pastel, Marker, Crayon, Pen, Graphite Pencils, Colored Pencils, Sand and Clay.

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“The sensory education which prepares for the accurate perception of all the differential details in the qualities of things, is. . . the foundation of the observation of things. . . [I]t helps us to collect from the external world the material for the imagination.”   

– Maria Montessori


Students work toward familiarizing with and understanding the foundations of art and applications of various mediums through hands-on experiences.

Middle and High School
Students utilize their art foundations and techniques through independent planning, designing, and implementation of their ideas as independent or collaborative artists.