FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

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The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) offers a fun opportunity and requires many different skills: design, strategy, problem solving, engineering, grant writing, marketing, outreach, CAD design, etc.!  Students build a Technix robot with a Mindstorm control unit to complete new challenge each year. They learn how to create a private network connection between two phones; one at their drive station and one attached to the robot.  Team members must program in Java to allow the robot to move both autonomously and be driven by an Xbox-style controller.  The team keeps an engineering journal and develops their own website as they strategize and communicate with other teams in the state and around the region. At the competition, they must work with randomly assigned partners to score as many points as possible against another pair of teams. The best teams after five or six such rounds advance to the semi-finals where the teams compete in a best 2 out of 3 format from then on.

This was just our third year of FTC competition and already our team, #7022 the Robostangs, have won numerous awards, advancing to the Georgia tri-state championships (teams from Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee competed) where they finished in the top 25! We also earned a 3D printer through a grant from Coca-Cola and 3D-Systems, so year team members are able to draw robot parts in PTC CREO and then printing the parts to use in competition.


2015-2016 Season (Res-Q):

·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2015-2016. North Alabama Qualifier. Finalist Alliance Captain.

2014-2015 Season (Cascade Effect):
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2014-2015. North Alabama Qualifier. Winning Alliance Captain.
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2014-2015. North Alabama Qualifier. Control Award.
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2014-2015. GMGST Georgia Qualifier. Finalist Alliance First Pick.
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2014-2015. GMGST Georgia Qualifier. Connect award.
2013-2014 Season (Block Party):
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2013-2014. RoBUGS Georgia Qualifier. PTC Design Award.
·      FTC FIRST Robotics, 2013-2014. Georgia Invitational Tournament. 3rd Place – Autonomous Programming.