Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy living

Delicious, healthy meals



We are committed to the overall health, well-being, and development of your child.  Part of that holistic care is providing healthy meals and snacks. Our community is soda free and food brought from home should has less than seven grams of sugar per serving. Such decisions help our students focus.


Meals like the one shown above are provided daily if you choose to enroll in our dining plan. The metal plates allow us to reduce our waste. Children also bring water bottles to stay hydrated and reuse.


Students help plant our garden, maintain it, and get to watch their food grow prior to enjoying it! They also compost, knowing it helps their garden grow.

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Vegetables from their garden are ready to wash and eat. Nothing taste better than the fruits of your labor. Students planted carrots, baby tomatoes, multiple kinds of lettuce, beats, rhubarb, green beans, strawberries, corn, and various herbs. We also enjoyed blueberries from our blueberry bushes.

Monthly menus are available and each student may simply choose weekly or monthly options.


Our staff prepares organic meals, using locally grown fruits and vegetables, and farm fresh eggs.


Students participate in setting up and serving meals. At Stonecreek our students also take responsibility for keeping their learning environment clean.


Thanks to our parents sharing their talents, students get to learn about and taste foods from around the world on our cultural food days.