Our Vision

Our Vision


Why Stonecreek? As parents as well as educators, we weren’t content with the options out there for our children. Students should be happy to go to school. Teachers should be challenging and preparing children for the future, while also providing a community filled with meaningful relationships that make each day rewarding. It is important to us at Stonecreek that our children are honored cognitively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Maria Montessori knew that academic knowledge is only part of what schools teach, whether they know it or not. What school your children attend develops their view of the world through their experience and dialogue.

Thus, we completely rethought how a school should look and operate from the ground up. Instead of what is convenient for adults, we are building a school based on how students learn. That means not only do we teach things differently than a lot of places, but our environment also looks different. Put yourselves in your child’s place, how would you like to spend your day learning?

Now consider…

  1. How are children expected to learn?
  2. How are they treated?
  3. How do they see adults living in the community?

Your answers will affect how children view learning and themselves, how they relate to others, and how they define what it means to live in a community.

That is why our mission at Stonecreek is to nurture minds, foster compassion, and inspire integrity.

Nurturing minds means that we cultivate a culture of continual progress, we learn how to learn

  • Understand how children learn and base our practices on research,
  • Stimulate intellectual curiosity,
  • Allow students to pursue learning at their rate,
  • Develop student-tailored lessons,
  • Challenge students to think critically and creatively.

Fostering Compassion involves how we treat each other as individuals.

  • Respect ourselves and our community,
  • Actively listen to others’ questions and concerns,
  • Demonstrate empathy,
  • Seek diversity of opinions, and
  • Educate students to express themselves accurately, ask questions respectfully, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Inspiring Integrity constitutes our commitment to live by the principles we espouse.

  • Value each person’s uniqueness,
  • Examine our commitment to our school community,
  • Appreciate the environment,
  • Analyze our role as active citizens, and
  • Establish productive service learning projects to serve the larger community.