Testimonials by Stonecreek Families

We love our students and want the very best for them. Here are the comments from several of our parents; some from direct email to us, other from various websites.

Short Comments

“The education of my child is exceptional in quality.”

“Each child is respected and that makes all of them comfortable and able to really learn.”

“I love the way that problems are discussed at community meetings.”

“Having my child known, really understood, by his teachers has made all the difference.”

“Multi-age classrooms really allow my children to grow in confidence and leadership skills as well as in their desire to take leadership.”

“The school is a true family.”

“My kids LOVE the yoga and art!”

“The way the students care for each other is rare.”

“I see so much kindness, gentleness, and thoughtfulness in the staff.  This school is a blessing.”

Longer Testimonials

“There are not enough words of praise for me to properly describe our experience at Stonecreek. My child was originally in public school and struggling. She is shy and not one to speak up in class. Unfortunately this meant that she was falling behind and not understanding the material, because she wouldn’t ask questions, and began to not care about school. She actually found Stonecreek and told me about it. I have seen a 180-degree turn around in not only her grades, but also her attitude toward school. She is actively engaged in her classes for the first time. The individual attention that she gets when she needs it has been invaluable. Not only have her grades dramatically improved, but also I have witnessed her make conscious decisions to rearrange her social life around extracurricular activities at school. The fact that she is involved in extracurricular activities is already a dramatic improvement, but to see her put off her social life for these events is just amazing.  Choosing to send my child to Stonecreek has been the best decision made regarding her education. The teachers and staff at Stonecreek truly care about every child, and want to ensure everyone is getting the best education they are capable of, and they continue to find ways to inspire and motivate the kids.”

~Parent of a high school student


“Our daughter was not at ease in the ‘program centered’ academic environment of the public school system. As soon as our daughter experienced the ‘student centered’ academic culture and the personal warmth of Stonecreek Montessori Academy she felt at home, comfortable, and cared-for as an individual person. The result has been a more peaceful and more productive life as a student in school and a happier more content life at home in the family. This has been a quite a blessing for our family. I thank God for the Stonecreek community of educators whose dedication provides these great benefits to all their students and families.”

~Parent of a high school student


“I am almost moved to tears as I write this review and reflect upon how much Stonecreek Montessori has enriched our family. We moved to Birmingham in 2015 from a small family farm in pursuit of a great education for our then 4 year old daughter. We toured several private schools in the Birmingham area, including other Montessori schools, and were beginning to feel so discouraged. Of course we were impressed by the immaculate facilities and extensive list of extracurriculars at some of the other schools we toured, but there was always something missing. That is until we walked into Stonecreek. It was apparent to us that there was something special happening in this Montessori school that we had yet to find. It is not necessarily something that can be expressed with words, but must be felt with the soul. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy, enthusiasm, and love. We had found our new home. We were so excited to find out that not only was Stonecreek “ok” with parental involvement, but they actually encourage it. Parents are given an open door policy, and I have seen it work beautifully. I was also impressed with the credentials of the teachers! My daughter is excelling, and most importantly she is excited and engaged in her own education. I am so grateful for Stonecreek.”

~Parent of a primary student


“We send both our daughters (one high school and one middle school now; started in middle school and upper elementary) to Stonecreek Montessori and couldn’t be happier. The learning experiences provided by this school, in a small school setting, are remarkable. There are a couple of things I believe make Stonecreek unique.

First of all, its toddler – high school classes are taught using Montessori philosophy and draw on current cognitive research. The majority of teachers either have IMC or AMS certification. It is unlike any school I have ever seen for level of attention by the teachers to knowing my children as individuals. My kids learn not only their subjects but also strategies to balance short and long-term projects, study skills, etc., all while being surrounded by high level students performing well in class and on standardized tests. Furthermore, students advance at their own pace although they are pushed as well. Both my daughters finished algebra before the end of the year, and then they started right into Geometry while in middle school. This allowed them to earn high school credit in 8th grade.

Second, I have appreciated my daughters coming home and discussing Socratic conversations they have had in class.

Third, my daughters have loved the unique learning opportunities that go well beyond the classroom. Stonecreek students have excelled in these…

* participating on robotics teams, winning awards all three years

* earning Duke TIP recognition,

* winning poetry competitions,

* receiving regional/national writing awards,

* being invited to leadership conferences,

* earning state level debate awards.


My girls have created meaningful and fun memories from overnight school trips:

* Cahaba Environmental Center

* Montessori Model UN in NYC

* Yosemite

* Yellowstone (high school trip this spring)

* Puerto Rico

* Dismals Canyon

* Dauphin Island

* Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

In short, is Stonecreek going to have the fields and facilities of other private high schools that cost nearly twice as much? No. However, that isn’t my main concern for my girls’ development. What they have gotten has been perfect for them.”

~Parent of two high school girls


Other Parent Testimonials

“We love this school for our children! The teachers are more than qualified with degrees and certifications. Our children have and continue to receive a top notch education from these dedicated, passionate teachers. We love the nurturing environment for our children as well!”


“This school has been an answered prayer for us. Our daughter started with Stonecreek Montessori in the second grade and our son started out in kindergarten. They both absolutely love this school. They love how relaxed and patient everyone is. My daughter was just diagnosed with dyslexia and during her evaluation they were amazed at her spelling abilities. Long before being diagnosed, her teachers were already on top of the learning style. Knowing not every child learns the same, they were able to pinpoint what methods worked for her and she has done exceptional. She no longer shies away from groups. She participates in presentations and even plays. This is only their second year there and my only regret is not finding this school sooner!”


“After three weeks at the school my second grade boy responded to a request on the radio for kids to pay a compliment that they had never given to that person before. His unprompted response was, “I want to compliment my mom and dad for spending the time to find the perfect school for me.” His twin sister loves it too. The school is responsible for turning back on the light for learning in their eyes.”


“Stonecreek Montessori provides passionate educators that encourage and facilitate parental involvement at all levels. After touring other Montessori schools in our area it was immediately obvious to us that there was something incredibly special about Stonecreek. Hands down the best educational experience in the Birmingham area.”


“Best school ever! My three year old knows all the planets and can put together a 48 piece floor puzzle by himself. The teachers are amazing and SO caring. I cannot say enough about the support my kids get and the effort to help them in all areas.”


“Our boy-girl twins transferred to Stonecreek after the first semester of their second grade year. For different reasons it was a perfect fit for both. Our three year-old started pre-school this year. Every child leaves for and returns from school excited and happy. The amount they learn is significant and the teachers (at a 7 to 1 ratio) know exactly what each child needs and where they are in their learning.”


“Stonecreek Montessori Academy has been a school where our children have been encouraged to learn on their own terms. This year has seen them both become more self-sufficient, but at the same time taught them teamwork and cooperation with the classmates. The faculty understand how each child learns and work to make sure that their curriculum is set up to maximize learning.”


“Stonecreek is an amazing school with wonderful leadership, faculty and families. Both of my children are extremely happy and will be returning. The school just completed its first year with great success despite the expected start up hurdles. After the first year, there has been some anticipated teacher turn over. A few of the teachers moved out of state, some of the teachers were not a good fit, as they did not embrace the Montessori philosophy. The leadership has an amazing vision and plan for the school. It is clear through the Montessori training that has taken place this summer for new faculty, that the administration is committed to complete these goals. The passion and love for learning is evident from administration and faculty and that is being passed to the students. Both of my children are looking forward to school starting! I cannot say enough great things about this school!”


“Stonecreek Montessori is an outstanding school. I have been extremely pleased with the wonderful learning environment at Stonecreek. My children loved it, and they are excited that school will be starting soon. They can hardly wait to go back. I have been impressed with the leadership, the teachers, and the families. The leader of the school is an outstanding educator with a passion for education. The teachers are excellent teachers who are dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. The small class sizes enable a great degree of individual attention for students, allowing children of all abilities to thrive. The school fosters a love of learning in students, and a strong sense of community. I give this school the highest possible recommendation.”


“My kids loved Stonecreek last year! They had more learning opportunities than ever before at other schools, including ideas they developed about what they wanted to learn, and got to learn at their own pace. The board and administration have a wonderful vision and bring an amazing level of professional expertise from across sectors to support the school. The administration is committed to Montessori, knows every child, and encourages parental involvement. The teachers are dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and work so well to develop each and every child. I love watching the children’s interactions and learning. My kids are thrilled for the new school year ahead!”


“We have been thrilled with the small class sizes, the attention the students receive from the excellent faculty, the sense of community at the school, and the camaraderie among the children. It is wonderful that the school includes all levels from elementary through high school.”


“Love this school. My kids are thriving. I love the individualized attention each kid gets. The teachers really spend time getting to know each child as an individual and work with them at their level. They have created a loving and nurturing environment where learning is fun!”


“We’re so thankful a school like Stonecreek opened in Birmingham. Our girls thrive in the small class sizes where the teachers have gotten to know them and their learning styles and interests. They especially enjoy the school outings, robotics, soccer, and specialized PE options. We’re thrilled to have found a healthy school environment that goes through high school!”


“Love the great community and the small teacher/student ratios. This school is dedicated to teaching the way the child learns. Both my children are thriving at this school!”